Facebook has grown to become almost as important as a website for most businesses and industries. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake that many people make when they plant their flags in the Facebook frontier is their very first action – they set it up wrong. Specifically, they set their business up with a personal profile instead of a business/fan page. That’s the biggest no-no of them all.

If you think it’s a harmless mistake that can’t have any real repercussions, you’re wrong. Things start off smoothly, you build a large following, and then, BAM!, your page is gone. Deleted forever. All the work you’d put into building relationships with your “friends” is wasted and there’s absolutely nothing to show for it. Gone.

What happened? Facebook shut you down for violating their terms of service, that’s what! Non-persons cannot have profiles, they must have business/fan pages. To be crystal clear, unless you have a live, beating heart in your chest and you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, you cannot have a Facebook profile. No exceptions. No way, no how. Your only option is to set up a business page (a.k.a., a fan or like page).

Remodeling Magazine recently ran a great story about this very topic that illustrates the differences between the types of Facebook pages, as well as teaches you how to set up your own business correctly on the social networking site. It’s geared towards remodeling businesses, but applies to any business. Read the full article here

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