Weekly rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

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Photo credit: Techcrunch.com

Did anyone else feel like this week had a few extra days? This morning I tried to open the door to the office by pressing the unlock button on my car key. Before we all head out to enjoy the weekend’s shenanigans, here’s a brief recap of our favorite stories!

Something Borrowed
The internet seems to be rolling its eyes at Instagram’s new update which includes a “borrowed” Snapchat-like story feature. These stories are viewable for 24 hours and contain options like drawing tools and filters. (Plot twist: Everyone is just using it to promote their snapchat usernames). This is, however, a good solution for brands that have been skeptical about jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon or already have an established Instagram following.

Girl Power
If you’ve ever tried searching “CEO” on Google Images, you’ll find that out of the first 100 photos, only two of them are female. One being a stock photo and the other being CEO Barbie. Three interns at BBH are on a mission to change that by launching the hashtag #ItsAJobNotAGender. Who says interns were made for coffee runs?

No Second Chance at a First Impression
Making a first impressions via email is very similar to a first impression in person, but luckily you don’t have to worry about food stuck in your teeth because you can always go to Fort Wayne dentist. In summary, public relations experts say it’s best to keep a first email short and sweet with clean and minimal fonts. Check out this list for more tips on how to create eye-catching emails.

There’s No Clowning in Baseball
Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus learned very quickly that Michael Young’s fear of clowns is quite irrational and overpowering. This past week, at Michael Young’s Hall of Fame induction, Andrus wore a clown mask to greet Young during his entrance and came *this* close to getting punched in the face. It’s refreshing to know that one of my favorite athletes shares the same fear as me. We’re basically the same person now, right?