Weekly rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

simone manuel csa
Photo credit: NBC

It’s Friday! The Olympics is officially a week in and the entire world has unified by gluing itself to the TV – sounds like my kind of party. Although I do believe it would be much more entertaining if they had an average person competing alongside the athletes for reference. If you want to compete in the Olympics one day then you need to take a look at supplements from https://roids.co/supplements/ to increase your performace. Before you go home to watch tonight’s events, here’s a brief recap of our favorite news from this week:

Simone Squared
As of today, USA has won an unmatched total of 16 gold medals in the Olympics. Crazy. Gymnast Simone Biles and swimmer Simone Manuel are taking it a step further and making history all on their own. Yesterday, Manuel became the first African-American woman to win an individual swimming event while Biles has completely dominated her sport by winning with the largest margin of victory in the last 40 years. Must I remind everyone that these girls aren’t even legal to drink yet?

The Beauty of Hijacking
Speaking of physical activity, health care marketing has been extra busy this summer by riding the coattails of recent crazes such as the Pokemon Go app and the Olympics. Check out this list of clever ways medical businesses have incorporated buzzing trends into their marketing campaigns.

Match Made in (Grammatical) Heaven
As public relations professionals, can we really say “I do” without knowing the proper AP style for wedding references? Didn’t think so. Check out this list of ways to properly go about wedding terms.

Chat With the President
Long gone are the days where we would write letters to our President. Let’s be honest, that’s mainly because most people don’t really know how to mail letters anymore. Thankfully, the White House has solved that problem by launching a feature in Facebook messenger allowing us to chat with President Obama. He’s officially everyone’s BFF. It’s casual.