Weekly rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

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Photo credit: Rolling Stone

This week is coming to an end, and fortunately, so is summer. Although this means having to alter my schedule to avoid school zones, I am more than happy to part ways with 110-degree weather (and if being excited to wear leggings and sweaters makes me basic, then I’ll proudly own it). Before you head out to enjoy one of your last weekends of summer, here’s a brief recap of our favorite stories from this week.

The Movie of a Lifetime
Lifetime announced that it will be premiering a Britney Spears biopic later next year, including her rise and fall from grace, the Justin Timberlake era and many other milestones that will forever be engrained in the memory of every 90’s girl. But before you dust off your old schoolgirl outfit, you should know there’s trouble in paradise (and we’re not just talking about the infamous boa constructor). According to her representative, Britney did not give her blessing for this movie and will not be contributing to its production in any way. Does this mean we’ll have to provide our own soundtrack of “Cry Me A River” during the break-up scene with Justin?

Hut Hut Snap
“Friday Night Lights” just got a little more amplified — who knew that was even possible in Texas? Snapchat recently announced its new high school football geofilters that will display live scores of games and will be sponsored by Gatorade. Although this sounds like a very popular feature, did we really need to give high schoolers any more reason to take selfies on Snapchat?

Learning From Olympic Downfall
With recent controversies including high-profile athletes like Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo, it’s very important for brands who endorse athletes to have an intelligent strategy when it comes to their influencers. Read more about smart endorsement strategy here.

Jump-Start Your Creativity
As public relations professionals, sometimes the biggest battle we face throughout the day is against a blank screen. Check out this list of helpful tips to jumpstart your creativity and help call up the right words.