Weekly Rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

When you roll out of bed Monday morning and slip on a silly costume instead of the typical slacks and button down, you know it’s going to be a good week. We here at CSA hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! Our team certainly had a spooktacular time — eating pizza at CiboDivino Marketplace at Sylvan Thirty, and then getting spoiled with warm, gooey cookies and milk from Tiff’s Treats. Thanks Cooper!

2016 Election Scarier Than Halloween

If you thought Monday night was scary, next week could leave you paralyzed by fear. On Tuesday, November 8, we elect a new president. The 2016 election year has been nothing short of scandalous. From plagiarized speeches, to controversial emails, rape accusations and all out Twitter feuds, the PR teams for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have barely slept. But their lack of Z’s is our gain, as we get an enlightening look into how to (or how not to) run a political public relations campaign. Dorothy Crenshaw, Founder of Crenshaw Communications, offers these six lessons PR people can take away from this election, including simplifying your message and selling through emotions.

Facebooking = Longer Life Expectancy

According to a new paper published by the journal PNAS, connecting with people through social media could lead to a longer life span. The study, which was based on 12 million social media profiles, found that “people with more friends online are less likely to die than their disconnected counterparts.” So… this means PR folks are going to live till 100, right? Sweet.

Only One Could Be the Comeback Kid

What a Wednesday night! In an epic World Series showdown, the Chicago Cubs, who had yet to win a series since 1908, played the Cleveland Indians, who haven’t won the big game since 1948. After a nail-biting 10th inning, the Chicago Cubs took it home and then undoubtedly ordered deep dish pizza to celebrate. The “100-year curse” has been broken so people tried to break the Internet instead. According to SocialTimes, more than “150 million interactions” about the World Series occurred on Facebook and a whopping 10.5 million tweets went out into the “tweetosphere” during Game 7.

It’s the Most Wonderful Timeeeee

…for people to hate on Starbucks’ cups. Morning lattes steamed this week in bright green cups decorated with images of hundreds of people joined together. A Starbucks spokesperson told CBS News the cups are supposed to symbolize “unity as a reminder of shared values, and the need to be good to each other.” People flocked to social media to post their outrage, including tons of threats of boycotting Starbucks because of its political agenda. Several Pros are saying this is nothing to make a huge stench about and to “grow the cup up” — and we can’t help but agree.