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Photo Courtesy of Adweek
Photo Courtesy of Adweek

In the world of public relations, we place a lot of importance on target audiences…it is a “must” in order to correctly do our job. Here are a few articles that shed some light on this idea. Happy Friday!

Are You a Crowd Pleaser?

Once you have identified your target audience, how do you know that they are engaged? How do you know if they even like your content?

Adweek says that relying on Nielsen-style interviews is not enough anymore and that social media is now a key factor in gauging audience sentiment. “Social media is no longer just a toy—it’s changing the face of marketing forever.”

The article Social Data: Making Marketing More Transparent breaks down the old versus new ways to see if you are actually pleasing your crowd.

The New French Airline that Caters to Millennials

A well-known fact: millennials love technology. That is why Air France created Joon, an offshoot airline to cater to them us. This new concept is aimed at people ages 18-35 whose lifestyles center around digital technology.

“We started with our target customer segment, the millennials, to create this new brand that means something to them. Our brief was simple: to find a name to illustrate a positive state of mind,” said Vice President of Air France Caroline Fontaine.   

Read more about this innovative company on Refinery29.

Google is All Over the Map…Literally!

Few people may know that Google Maps contains a hidden, yet genius, marketing feature. Its objective: for businesses to target local audiences through Google Maps. Here is a quick breakdown from Huffpost:

  • A consumer will input a product or service keyword such as “laundry service” or “grocery store.”
  • The platform then determines which businesses land at the top of Google Maps.
  • The consumer will hopefully trust Google’s top picks and head over to one of these local suggestions.

Google is linking its brand to local businesses to give consumers a sense of trust. This is a win-win situation. Read more about Google Maps Marketing: The best tool to target locals.

Wise Beyond his Years

Can you be your own target audience? Apparently so. Entrepreneur shows us how a ten-year-old boy took his desire for toys into his own hands, and with some help from mom, formed a company that became one of the largest toy retailers on the internet. 

 article My 10-year Old Came Up With a Business Idea – Here’s Why it Worked stresses the importance of taking the time to identify all audience angles even if you think you already have it figured out.