Weekly Rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

When it comes to press releases, sometimes you have to think outside the box. This week, our Weekly Rewind focuses on all aspects of PR writing. Enjoy!

What not to say

Although the consensus is that writing is subjective, in some cases, it is not. There are always phrases and words you should stay away from in certain contexts.

‘Moisten’, ‘endeavor’, ‘conversate’ and ‘guestimate’ are a few of PR Daily’s list of 13 annoying verbs you should never use in corporate communications. The rest of the list is certainly worth reading!

Always end on a good note

In public relations, effective client communication is key, even if it’s a tiny correspondence like an email. If you find yourself struggling to produce concise writing, CNBC can help. Their article “How to write the perfect email signature will show you exactly how to leave a great impression.

First tip: include links. Including everything you can will make it easier for your client to access the full scope and intention of your message.

Writing 101

Even the best writers can use a brush up on basic grammar. PR Daily says that sloppy grammar can  “disgrace circulated content almost faster than pushing it live.” Here are five common grammar pitfalls along with AP Stylebook’s explanation on how to get them straight.

The perfect press release

Aside from distributing your client’s news to the media, a press release can allow a brand to reach a whole new dimension.

Beyond PR offers instruction on how to write high-quality press release content. Starting with identifying a clear and interesting news announcement and ending with optimization tips, this article covers it all.