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Weekly Rewind SMSocial media is a powerful tool, and that’s why we’re breaking down some tips and cautionary tales for your next social media project. #WeeklyRewind

Should you use all 280 characters?

The short, pre-280 characters answer: maybe.

PR Daily explains that while using all 280 characters can create more clutter on users’ timelines, there are some brands that have taken advantage of the new character count to produce some quality content. Take this tweet from the Cookie Monster:

It’s cute and perfectly on-brand for this blue, cookie addict.

Social Media is Changing PR

It can’t be ignored— social media has altered the PR landscape. It has forced many PR professionals to either adapt or fail as the way people consume their news changes.

One major way PR has changed under social media involves the lifespan of a story. Stories can be short-lived as users’ attention spans are limited, and people are constantly inundated with new material.

PR Daily shares four other ways PR has changed in the social media age.

Be Snarky at Your Own Risk

There have been viral tweets from huge brands in the last few years that have received wide acclaim for one reason: they burned some poor soul with a scorching comeback.

The crown jewel that started it all? This Wendy’s clapback:

But, PR Week cautions against doing this for your own brand. They suggest thinking of your posts as what a server or salesperson might say to a possible customer. If they said something you’re about to post on social, would you think it was professional?