Weekly Rewind: Our favorite stories from around the web

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At CSA, Christmas is our absolute favorite time of the year! We just can’t get enough of the decorations, lights and revelry that come with the magical time.

Our weekly rewind shares a few holiday trends that piqued our interest. Happy Friday!

Food for Thought

In PR, we’re always calling on our creativity to restructure a campaign or launch, such as tackling a new market or boosting social media activity, which can prove to be very successful.

The Telegraph’s article, “set the alarm, it’s Christmas brunch with all the trimmings,” likens this concept to the Christmas meal through presenting a trend that rivals the traditional turkey: Christmas brunch. If you’re interested in mixing things up this year with a mid-morning brunch, offerings include egg dishes, smoked salmon and Parma ham.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Looking for that special gift for your favorite PR pro? Spinsucks article, “12 Days of Christmas: Four Gifts for the PR Pros in Your Life,” has you covered. From software to books, fun toys and tools, this article will certainly check a few boxes off your Christmas list.

Flipping your Fir, Literally

Conde Nast Traveler says, “in 2017, what’s up is down—including the Christmas tree.” You heard that right. Apparently, people are opting for a mounted, upside tree available to purchase at an abundance of retailers across the country.

Figuratively speaking, have you ever considered turning something upside down…perhaps in your career? In PR, flipping around sentences or the word order can add a new dimension to your written content. The complete article can give you a better visual of this up-and-coming trend.