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As many people say, “new year, new me.” We took this phrase to heart and made a list of a few resolutions we think would have a positive impact on our PR careers.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

#1 Resolve to be a better writer—in 140 characters or less

Year after year, writing proves to be the core of our industry — it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Although we continuously try to become better writers, the new year is a perfect time to hone in on our skills.

PR Week’s roundup of top New Year’s resolutions for PR Pros reports, “being succinct is key and helps in making your content viral.” Don’t miss the rest of their insightful tips.

#2 A Clean Slate

With social media playing such a huge role in PR, this New Year’s resolution hits close to home. Apparently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks the platform is in need of some major regulatory revamping.

Reuters’ article, Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year resolution is to ‘fix’ Facebook, reports that Zuckerberg has pledged to enact changes to prevent users from using the network to spread hateful and false information.

#3 –  Become the Content King

When developing content for your client, such as writing a press release, it’s always best to have your audience’s interests in mind. Aside from developing material that portrays your client’s needs, it must also align with your target audience.

Here are a few of Marketing Land’s questions that got us thinking:

  1. Are you providing value for your readers?
  2. What information are they getting from you?

Read the complete article for more tips on becoming the content king.