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Friendships are important, especially in the workplace. Behind every successful public relations firm is a strong team that engages in daily collaboration — getting along with your co-workers is essential to get the job done.

Do you have an office bestie? Read our Weekly Rewind to see why you should.

Culture is Key

Today’s workforce, especially among millennials, rates companies they want to work for based on their culture,” says The Tulsa World. Healthy relationships between co-workers are important because they provide encouragement and positive energy. In addition, they can lead to meaningful friendships outside the office.

Finding an Alternative

Quartz at Work explains necessary boundaries for workplace relationships. For example, when a looming deadline is approaching and you are knee-deep in work, the gossip can wait. Instead, suggest an after work happy hour with your bestie for a few cocktails and much-needed conversation.

Making Friends 101

Fast Company acknowledges how daunting it can be to make new friends at work when you’re already consumed with other tasks. Their article, 15 Easy Ways To Make Friends In Your First Week On The Job, can help. These super-simple tips will leave you well-equipped to find a new office bestie.