LATICRETE Launches the World’s Most Advanced Electric Radiant Floor Heating System with STRATA_HEAT™

The STRATA_HEAT floor heating system is easy-to-install and offers the most customizable floor heating experience available

February 7, 2018, Bethany, Conn. — LATICRETE, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has introduced STRATA_HEAT— the most advanced electric radiant floor heating system in the world. The system includes the STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack, the flooring industry’s first-ever heat-conductive thin-set additive which utilizes Thermal Diffusion Technology, the high performance STRATA_HEAT Wire, a Wi-Fi enabled STRATA_HEAT Thermostat and the STRATA_HEAT Mat. The floor heating system transfers heat faster and more uniformly than standard floor heating products on the market to reduce energy costs and provide customers with the most customizable floor heating experience imaginable.

“At LATICRETE, our focus is on innovation. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the highest quality flooring solutions and lead the industry with new technology,” said Jay Conrod, LATICRETE Senior Product Manager. “The STRATA_HEAT system is transforming the way floor heating will be installed for years to come. With the inclusion of the world’s first heat-conductive additive, as well as its smart-focused design, the STRATA_HEAT system is the most innovative development in floor heating history to date.”

STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack

STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack is a patent-pending thin-set additive which has been designed exclusively for use with select LATICRETE adhesives. Utilizing Thermal Diffusion Technology, heat generated from the STRATA_HEAT Wire is uniformly distributed throughout the adhesive to eliminate cold spots and quickly achieve the desired floor temperature. With the addition of STRATA_HEAT Thermal Pack, homeowners are able to lower kilowatt usage and reduce energy costs by 15 percent.


STRATA_HEAT Wire is highly customizable with multiple spacing options for variability in heat output and design flexibility. Unlike most other systems, the STRATA_HEAT Wire does not have a minimum on straight run lengths and will not interfere with other electronics in the vicinity.

STRATA_HEAT Thermostat

The STRATA_HEAT Wi-Fi Thermostat features a smart-focused design that is compatible with home automation devices to assist in controlling the STRATA_HEAT electric radiant floor heating system for optimum comfort and efficiency. It also has the ability to control the floor’s heat with a smartphone app or GPS positioning technology, and check energy statistics on-the-go. The STRATA_HEAT Wi-Fi Thermostat is able to learn homeowner routines and apply the most efficient settings to reduce heating usage by up to 25 percent. Additionally, its intuitive interface makes set-up easy and does not include any complicated programming modes. The thermostat is also available in a touch screen programmable version.


The STRATA_HEAT Mat utilizes mortar hydration vents that create a mechanical bond between the mat and adhesive mortar. This allows the mortar to cure faster and provides a stronger tile bond for a faster time-to-grout while using the appropriate mortar for the installation. The STRATA_HEAT Mat also allows installers to see the mortar coverage underneath the mat during installation without having to lift and verify.  

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