Overhead Door™ Brand Adds Two New Residential Garage Door Openers with Integrated OHD AnywhereⓇ Technology

Legacy 650 Model 1129 and Legacy 850 Model 2129 garage door openers offer homeowners peace of mind and convenience by granting control through an easy-to-use app

April 30, 2019 – Overhead Door Brand, one of the leading brands of garage doors and openers for residential, commercial and industrial applications, has introduced two new garage door openers for residential garage doors — Legacy 650 Model 1129 and Legacy 850 Model 2129 — that are integrated with OHD Anywhere Wi-Fi technology for the ultimate security and convenience. The new Overhead Door openers offer quiet and durable performance while granting homeowners the ability to monitor and operate their garage doors from almost anywhere using a smart device.

“Legacy 650 Model 1129 and Legacy 850 Model 2129 garage door openers pack a big punch in a tiny package. While the openers are lightweight in design, our team has not sacrificed efficiency or power with the integration of Wi-Fi capabilities,” Christian Morrow, Brand Manager for the Overhead Door Brand.

Legacy 650 Model 1129 and Legacy 850 Model 2129 garage door openers have an opening speed of up to seven inches per second and were each built with a 24V DC motor, providing smooth and quiet operation. With the capability to operate doors up to eight feet in height, Legacy 650 Model 1129 can lift doors up to 350 pounds and Legacy 850 Model 2129 can operate doors weighing up to 500 pounds.

“The built-in OHD Anywhere technology incorporated in the Legacy 650 Model 1129 and Legacy 850 Model 2129 garage door openers offers homeowners peace-of-mind and security through easy-to-use smart home technology. They never have to worry about whether they accidentally left the garage door open or getting home in time to let someone in the house again. Everything they need can be accessed on-the-go,” added Morrow.

Using the connected OHD Anywhere technology, homeowners can program multiple user accounts to give others, like family and friends, access to the garage door and can track access history. A time-based feature allows users to schedule door operation. For example, if the homeowner leaves work everyday at 7 a.m., they can have the door open on its own at 6:55 a.m.

Other standard features of the openers include the CodeDodger access security system to help prevent piracy of the radio signal resulting in a break-in, easy programming for a faster installation and set-up the self-diagnostic Safe-T-BeamSystem to prevent the door from shutting if an object is detected in the way and auto seeking dual frequency range to minimize interference.

For convenience, the openers are compatible with both HomeLink and Car2U in-vehicle wireless control systems and do not require an additional external repeater kit or compatible bridge for function.


About the Overhead Door™ brand

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