Overhead Door™ Brand Launches RapidFreeze™ 997, its First Insulated Interior High Speed Fabric Door Designed Specifically for Freezer and Cooler Applications

The new model offers an unparalleled return on investment thanks to the door’s productivity and thermal performance regardless of the interior temperature conditions

Overhead Door Brand, one of the leading brands of garage doors and openers for residential, commercial and industrial applications, has launched RapidFreeze 997 – an interior fabric high speed freezer and cooler door that features an insulated curtain along with other cutting edge engineering design elements providing a thermal barrier to prevent conductive or convective cooling loss across the door. RapidFreeze 997 joins Overhead Door Brand’s lineup of Interior High Speed Fabric doors filling the market’s need for a door built on application-based configurations proven to help address various temperature dependent site problems before they can occur. 

  “The temperature and humidity in a warehouse can change dramatically depending on the time of year. Thanks to RapidFreeze 997’s design configurations, including an insulated curtain, heated guide and available air curtain, the door will be built to match the application needed. The actively heated, patent-pending recirculating heated guide helps prevent condensation or freezing (whether on the guide itself or in the area where the guide and door interact), to ensure the door system complements your facility to minimize down time and maximize productivity,” explained Mark Sawicki, Director of Product Marketing and High Performance Doors for the Overhead Door Brand.

 “Not only does the design of this door provide maximum flexibility to rise to the occasion of a wide variety of temperature and site scenarios, but RapidFreeze 997 is designed for the rigors of a high volume door opening, and is backed by the best warranty. Most competitors only offer a one-year warranty on similar door styles, while Overhead Door Brand offers a five-year limited warranty on the motor, electronics and door, offering a durability guarantee to the business owner,” added Sawicki. 

As a complement to the durability of the system, this door is equipped for tough operation with curtain break-away in both directions, complemented with electronic reset. With opening speed of up to 80 in/sec the RapidFreeze 997 is built for fast, high-cycle operation thanks to its specialized design that supports minimal interruptions for maintenance, minimized wear and tear and variable frequency that eliminates sudden jolts from door start and stop.     

Available in sizes up to 12 feet by 18 feet, the door is made up of an interior and exterior layer PVC-coated polyester with and of polyester weave, to encapsulate a conductive and radiant insulation barrier, and is available in four standard color options – red, blue, white and gray. RapidFreeze 997 includes features integrated with Overhead Door™ Brand’s RapidFlexline, including consolidated pre-wiring and a similar control system with plug and play electronics, breakaway and electronic-reset, two sets of infrared obstruction detection and wireless reversing safety edges. 

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