Overhead Door™ Brand Offers Palm-Sized Convenience and Versatility With Its Four-Button Universal Remote

Accessory provides an innovative solution for homeowners and business owners to operate multiple openers from a range of brands and models on a single device

October 15, 2019 – Overhead Door Brand, one of the leading manufacturers of doors and openers for residential, commercial and industrial applications, has introduced one of its most innovative opener accessories, the 4-Button Universal Remote. The inclusive accessory allows customers to operate openers and gate receivers from a variety of brands and models that date back to 1993 on a single device, bridging the gap between the past and present. For business owners, this product also minimizes inventory needs in the warehouse and on the service truck. 

“The Overhead Door® Universal Remote is not only a convenient tool for operating several systems at once, but also extremely compact— fitting anywhere from your pocket, purse or glove compartment. A versatile visor clip and keychain option also come in every box,” said Christian Morrow, Brand Manager for the Overhead Door Brand. “Life can be chaotic, so we’re happy to introduce a product that can help simplify things.” 

Designed to provide customers the ultimate in convenience, the Universal Remote pairs and controls openers from the most popular brands. Each button on the Universal Remote comes pre-programmed with a different manufacturers code that can be individually re-programmed to support any combination of other compatible manufacturers. The 4-Button Universal Remote has multiple ways to complete programming, including a simplified “Teach & Pair” method that uses an existing operational remote. The Universal Remote includes a built-in LED Light that provides visual cues to ensure setup is hassle free. 

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About the Overhead Door™ brand 

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