Overhead Door™ Brand Unveils Red Ribbon Rewards Program

Incentive program offers Overhead Door™ distributors a variety of rewards for their sales of select products

Overhead Door Brand, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has launched its new incentive program that rewards the sales representatives for Overhead Door™ distributors, also known as Ribbon Sales Professionals (RSPs), for selling certain Overhead Door™ products. The Red Ribbon Rewards program offers the opportunity for enrolled RSPs to earn points by claiming their product sales, which can be redeemed for over 60,000 products and experiences including worldwide travel, event tickets, brand merchandise, real-time hotel booking, digital subscriptions and more.

“Our distributors work tirelessly each day to deliver quality products and outstanding customer service. Designed to reward them for their loyalty and outstanding performance with tens of thousands of extraordinary experiences and merchandise prizes, the Red Ribbon Rewards program is not like anything we have done before,” said Christian Morrow, Brand Manager for the Overhead Door™ Brand. 

RSPs earn Red Ribbon Reward Points by completing an online claim form to declare qualified product sales. Points roll over year-to-year and are available to redeem at any time, with each product assigned a Red Ribbon Reward Point value. Distributor accounts must be current and in good standing to redeem. RSPs who are not yet enrolled for the program can do so by creating an account at the Red Ribbon Rewards website, which is available through the Overhead Door™ distributor portal, Ribbon Connect. 

For more information, visit overheaddoor.com.

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About the Overhead Door™ brand 

A brand of Overhead Door Corporation, The Overhead Door brand is one of the most trusted for garage doors and garage door openers in North America. Through its dedicated network of more than 400 Overhead Door Distributors – which operate across the country under “Overhead Door Company” trade names – that provide superior service and expertise to consumers, the brand is easily recognized by its iconic Red Ribbon logo and “The Genuine. The Original.” slogan. For additional information, visit overheaddoor.com.

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