Overhead Door™ Brand Launches the Next Generation of its OHD Anywhere® App

Updates to the award-winning app allow for greater customization, user-friendly simplification and improved aesthetics and workability.

Overhead Door Brand, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has launched the next generation of the OHD Anywhere® app. The new version of OHD Anywhere® includes enhanced features based on user feedback that improve everyday life and allow homeowners to monitor and operate their garage doors remotely from their smart device.

“In this modern, digital age that is overflowing with advanced technology, a garage door opener system should not be any different. Considering garage doors are usually the largest opening of the home, effective and personalized garage door access is a matter of security as well as practicality,” said Christian Morrow, Brand Manager for Overhead Door™ Brand. “With the OHD Anywhere® app, homeowners have the ability to take full command of their garage door openers and are given convenience, control and peace of mind all in the palm of their hand.”

The award-winning OHD Anywhere® app offers a variety of customer benefits including the ability to remotely monitor and control if their garage door is open or closed via a smart device, a time-based feature that allows users to schedule door operation at certain times of the day, and a customized alert system that notifies when someone is attempting to operate the garage or if it has remained open for a long time. The app’s advanced technology allows homeowners to grant garage door access to up to 20 people, giving custom “virtual keys” to anyone who needs access to the garage door. When giving garage door permissions, the user determines if the access type for each person will be temporary, recurring or permanent, enabling tailored access to the garage for family, friends or service providers even if no one is at home or in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, homeowners can set up rules to automatically open or shut the garage door at a certain time and can also control the lights in the garage. Users also have the option of integrating the OHD Anywhere® app with their Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device, allowing them to check the position of their doors and command the doors to be opened or closed via voice command. 

The new generation of the OHD Anywhere® app features simplified navigation to see all doors on a single screen, improved customized notifications by door, event and user and a hold to open/close function to prevent inadvertent operation. Additionally, the update includes upgraded aesthetics with the ability to customize the background theme and built-in tutorials for setting up rules and users.

The OHD Anywhere® app is free to download on Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS users. Compatible garage door openers include Legacy® 920 Models 7120H and 7120H-B, Legacy® 650 Model 1129, Legacy® 850 Model 2129, Destiny®  1200 Model 8130H and Destiny® 1500 Model 8160H.

For more information, visit overheaddoor.com.

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